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The Centre for European Perspective has been established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on 8 July 2004. In accordance with the Article 13 of the Foundations Act (OG RS, no. 60/95), the Centre has been entered under its original name Centre for the European Union Integration Support into the Register of Foundations administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Based on the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (01408-3/2006/3) of 26 April 2006, the Centre for the European Union Integration Support was renamed to the Centre for European Perspective. The new name better corresponds to the greater visibility and scope of CEP activities.

Centre for European Perspective solemnly opened its premises at the Jable Castle on 23 May 2006. CEP has so far conducted more than 80 projects. Most of them have been held in the Western Balkan countries. In the process more than 3200 people have been trained and 800 experts involved.

At the time of Slovenia's EU Presidency in the first half of 2008, the Centre for European Perspective conducted a number of activities in line with Slovenian Presidency Priorities.

Since 2007, CEP is a member of the European Group on Training (EGT) Consortium, which endeavours to build EU training capacities in the field of crisis management in the framework of the European Commission project Training for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management. EGT connects training organisers with EU member state ministries, competent for recruitment and education of trained civilian experts as well as for maintenance of expert databases.



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