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Workshops during the first working package

Gotenica workshop pictureDuring the first working package several online surveys and interviews were conducted as well as five workshops: one two-day internal methodological workshop of the IECEU consortium members in Finland, three internal expert panels and one panel open to public and held under the Chatham House Rule 21 October in Slovenia.

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Meeting of four consortium members in Slovenia

During the Hostile Environment Awareness Training HEAT' in Slovenia, 4 partner organisations gathered to also discuss issues related to IECEU field work and research in the Balkans and Africa, which will take place in the Spring of 2016.

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The IECEU project begins

ieceuThe new project IECEU started in the beginning of May 2015 and will last until end of February 2018 (33 months). IECEU -project aims towards enchancement of European Union (EU) external activities. The consortium is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and consists of a diverse group of civilian, research and military organisations reflecting the variety within EU missions. The overall goal of the project is to find out new approaches and solutions to respond the future challenges and threats.

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