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Press Releases

Assistance to Montenegro on EU accession negotiations 2016 Chapter 9 - Financial Services

ceplogorgbIn the period of legislation adaptation for accession to the EU, Chapter 9 – Financial Services, Montenegro needs to pay special attention to technical assistance to the Central Bank of Montenegro.

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Assistance to Montenegro on EU accession Chapter 9 - Financial Services (Insurance) negotiations in 2016

ceplogorgbMontenegro has to, in a period of adaptation of legislation for accession to the EU in Chapter 9 – »Financial Services« pay special attention to insurance supervision. In the framework of project: “Assistance to Montenegro in negotiations on accession to the EU-2016” a workshop for the staff of Insurance Supervision Agency of Montenegro was conducted on 12 and 13 September. The workshop was based on the training of civil servants in the scope of transition to a new system of European supervision, Solvency II. It as well included all the challenges that are awaiting Montenegro’s insurance sector in the implementation of the requirements related to the quality of corporate insurance governance and their risk management system. In this manner Slovenia’s experience in the implementation of European directives, and the transition to the new control system were presented.

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Slovenian assistance to Serbia to increase transparency in functioning of the state

slo srb eu flag 1The possibility of public to access data in public databases by internet, enabling the reuse of this data and enabling simple insight into the use of public funds are the foundation for ensuring transparent and open functioning of contemporary public administration. Transparency, openness, accountability, connectivity and modernisation are principles, which are followed by the European Single Digital Market with the aim of better quality services for citizens and businesses.

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The 11th Bled Strategic forum concluded with great success

20160906 00723364On 5th and 6th September Bled hosted the 11th Bled Strategic Forum titled “Safeguarding the Future.” This year’s Forum was dedicated to current challenges that have shaken the foundations of our collective security as well as how to effectively respond to our common issues. While Forum addressed the issues of radicalisation, future of the EU and its pull factor for Western Balkan countries, energy geopolitics, human in addition to EU security, media coverage of terrorism and global water risks, was the business part of the Forum focused on the digital transformation of the society, smart cities concept, mobility and the future of automotive industry as well as security and sustainability in tourism. In spite of current events, the visit of Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mr Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu that spoke on Gradual Disintegration of the EU Political Orbit and a New Geopolitical Configuration of the Euro-Asian Space has also attracted much attention.

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Third Project Phase of ENTRi (ENTRi III)

logo entri transENTRi is a unique capacity-building program that was initiated in early 2011. The main ENTRi’s focus lies on the preparation and training of civilians that are either going to, or already working in, crisis management missions worldwide. Such missions include those of the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the African Union (AU), as well as other international crisis management missions.

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Slovenian development assistance for Macedonia in progress - to reach more success in investigation of corruption cases

usposabljanje MK preiskovanje korupcije avg sept 2016 skupinskaA 3-day training for building capacity of Macedonia in the area of investigation of corruption cases was successfully concluded on 1 September 2016 in Macedonia. Eighteen Macedonian high-level executives who participated in the training expressed satisfaction with quality of Slovenian assistance and methodology of the workshop, and they assessed exchanged experience valuable to fight corruption. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Police of the Republic of Slovenia.

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This year’s Bled Strategic Forum on Safeguarding the Future starts tomorrow

20411673634 4c5c69718b zThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Centre for European Perspective, is organising the eleventh Bled Strategic Forum (BSF), to be held on 5 and 6 September. The Forum’s topic this year is Safeguarding the Future as for growing instability in the world. Young and Business BSF will also take part in the Forum this year.

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Young BSF has already started

29353259141 56a1eaff40 zThe Young BSF is a platform for young leaders to exchange ideas on the global challenges and opportunities before us. Every year, Young BSF attracts aspiring young politicians, activists, diplomats and academics from Slovenia and abroad. Engaging in interactive discussions, they develop arguments and ideas through creative approaches that take into account diverse views. This dynamic and creative group of young leaders generates innovative solutions, looks for answers and formulates proposals on how to cope with the challenges that generations and societies alike are facing.

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Slovenian development assistance for Macedonia for more success in investigation of corruption cases

za najavo MK policeIn the year 2016 Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Slovenian International Development Cooperation Fund finances a project for Macedonia, which aims at building capacity for successful investigation of corruption cases. Project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Police of the Republic of Slovenia.

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CEP is organizing a certified HEAT - Hostile Environment Awareness Training in Slovenia, 25 – 28 October

DSCN3811International staff often operates in unstable and dangerous environments: armed conflict, organised crime, theft, assault, hostage taking, etc. The most important duty of care of states and organisations, sending their personnel to dangerous environments, is to assure their safety and security. Hostile environment awareness training (HEAT) presents a fundamental training for anyone working in risk-associated, insecure or hostile environment.

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The Challenges of Global Security

US EMBASSY LOGOMigrations, involvement and activities in NATO all tackle different aspects of security of a country or any other actor and therefore, in the sense of realpolitik, represent one of the main concerns and priorities of different actors in international community.

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