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Centre for European Perspective is a provider of development aid and cooperation of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. CEP is focusing its activities on the Western Balkan countries by building capacity of the EU candidate countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia) and potential candidate countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo) on their way to EU.

For this purpose CEP organizes trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences at international and regional levels, roundtables and other forms of knowledge transfer in the field of security and economic development. All CEP activities are conducted on a request-basis submitted by the beneficiary country and are tailor-made to suit their specific requirements. Main characteristics of the CEP trainings, workshops and seminars are multidisciplinary expertise and interactivity. While experts are involved from the preparation phase on, topics are tackled from different angles and trainees are actively involved in the implementation as well as in the evaluation phase. After the training, trainees can directly apply their acquired competencies, knowledge and skills, to work. CEP activities derive from rich experiences acquired from project management work and systematic problem-solving.

Contact Information

Centre for European Perspective
Grajska cesta 1
1234 Loka pri Mengšu, Slovenia
Fax: +38615608601

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