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General submission guidelines

European Perspectives is a scientific journal that publishes original, peer-reviewed manuscripts that provide scientific articles focusing on relevant political, sociological, social, security, economic and legal as well as ethnic, cross-cultural, minority and cross-ethnical issues related to European and Euro-Atlantic integrations and South-Eastern Europe.

Issues of the European Perspectives typically include scholarly articles and essays on the issues indicated above, while thematic issues are also planned to focus on a given topic or theme related to South Eastern Europe. Themes for thematic issues shall be indicated in advance, at the latest in the previous issue. Authors are also encouraged to prepare reactions and scholarly comments on the articles and themes published in current issues.

Manuscripts should be submitted via e-mail to , in the Word format.

The journal reviews received manuscripts on the assumption of an exclusive submission: by submitting a manuscript for consideration, the author(s) warrant(s) that it is not simultaneously being considered by any other publication and that it shall not be sent to another publication until a response is received from the journal.

All texts submitted to the journal must be original works of the author(s). By submitting a manuscript, the author(s) warrant(s) to the journal that it does not infringe the copyright or any other rights of third parties.


Presentation of the paper

Manuscripts should be written in English.

Manuscripts should normally be composed of 6.000 up to 9.000 words (including footnotes).

When submitting the manuscript, please also attach:

• an abstract of 150 - 200 words, in English, stating precisely the topic under consideration, the method of argument used in addressing the topic, and the conclusions reached

• a list of up to six keywords suitable for indexing and abstracting purposes

• a brief biographical note about each author, including previous and current institutional affiliation

• a full postal and e-mail address, as well as telephone and fax numbers of the author. If the manuscript is co-authored, then please provide the requested information about all the authors.

All manuscripts are checked by referees by means of a double-blind peer review. Two external referees review each manuscript. European Perspectives reserves the right to reject any manuscript as being unsuitable in topic, style or form without requesting an external review.

In order to ensure anonymity during the peer-review process, the name(s), title(s), and full affiliation(s) and academic title(s) of the author(s) should only appear on a separate cover sheet, together with the preferred mailing address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.

European Perspectives reserves the right to edit or otherwise alter all contributions, but authors will receive proofs for approval before publication.


Style Guidelines

Below are some guidelines for in-text citations, notes, and references, which authors may find useful when preparing manuscripts for submission.


Manuscript style guidelines

Authors are urged to write as concisely as possible, but not at the expense of clarity. Descriptive or explanatory passages, necessary for information but which tend to break up the flow of text, should appear in footnotes. For footnotes please use Arabic numbers. Footnotes should be placed on the same page as the text reference, with the same number in the manuscript.

Dates should be in the form of 1 November 2005; 1994-1998; or the 1990s.


Citing references in-text

All submissions should follow the Harvard style of in-text parenthetical citations followed by a complete list of works cited at the end (http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm). For any needed clarification of the Harvard style, please consult one of the many online guides to the Harvard style. Please make certain that the list of works cited includes all works cited and has complete bibliographic details.


Compiling the reference list

All items should be listed alphabetically by author or authorship, regardless of the format, ie. whether books, websites or journal articles etc. Where there are several works from one author or source they should by listed together but in date order, with the earliest work listed first. For more details visit http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm.


Illustrations and tables

Supply tables, figures and plates on separate sheets at the end of the article, with their position within the text clearly indicated on the page where they are introduced. Provide typed captions for figures and plates (including sources and acknowledgements) on a separate sheet. Electronic versions should be saved in separate files with the main body of text and should be saved preferably in Jpeg format.

Authors are asked to present tables with the minimum use of horizontal rules (usually three are sufficient) and to avoid vertical rules except in matrices. It is important to provide clear copies of figures (not photocopies or faxes) which can be reproduced by the printer and do not require redrawing. Photographs should preferably be black and white gloss prints with a wide tonal range.


Book Reviews and Review Essays - Guidelines for Contributing Authors

European Perspectives welcomes reviews of recently published books (i.e. those published in the year in which the current issue of European Perspectives was published or in the previous year). Authors should submit reviews of works relating to political science and other social sciences with the themes focused on (East) Central European issues.

European Perspectives encourages authors to submit either of two types of reviews: a book review or a review essay.

When submitting a book review, authors should abide by the following requirements:

• A book review should not exceed 1,500 words.

• State clearly the name of the author(s), the title of the book (the subtitle, if any, should also be included), the place of publication, the publishing house, the year of publication and the number of pages.

• If the reviewed book is the result of a particular event (a conference, workshop, etc.), then this should be mentioned in the introductory part of the review.

• Review authors should describe the topic of the book under consideration, but not at the expense of providing an evaluation of the book and its potential contribution to the relevant field of research. In other words, the review should provide a balance between description and critical evaluation. The potential audience of the reviewed work should also be identified.

• An exact page reference should be provided for all direct quotations used in reviewing the book.

Contributors of review essays should meet the following requirements:

• A review essay should not exceed 6,000 words. It should also comply with all of the above requirements for book reviews.

• Authors may either review several books related to a common topic, or provide a review essay of a single book considered to provide an exceptional contribution to the knowledge in a given field of research.

• While a review essay should primarily deal with the contents of the book(s) under review, European Perspectives encourages authors to use the reviewed material as a springboard for their own ideas and thoughts on the subject.

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