Centre for European Perspective (CEP) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia is organizing training course for Macedonian public servants, entitled Public performance skills and international negotiations techniques. This is the first training course in the framework of the project Negotiations with the EU: Techniques, skills and content, which will take place from 10 until 13 November in Skopje.

The aim of training course is to improve the negotiation techniques as well as public speaking skills of the Macedonian public servants. Negotiations are a special process, which demand special techniques and knowledge, especially when negotiating with the EU for the membership of a particular country.

For this particular task the public servants will acquaint themselves with the bases of international negotiation, the particular characteristics of the Harvard negotiations, argumentation and public speaking. The main objective of the training course is to improve the negotiation skills of Macedonian public servants, who represent their country at home and abroad.

Inter-ministerial training course will take place in the form of workshops, role-play and simulation. Therefore, 22 public service employees from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Secretariat of the Government of Macedonia were chosen to attend the training course. They were all obliged to participate already in the preparation process, in order to enable CEP to tailor the content of the workshops and examples to their working experiences, knowledge and interest.

The training course will be carried out by the expert in the field of public speaking Boštjan Romih and trainer of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the professor of English language Mojca Žirovnik Bocelli. It will be carried out in English language.