razvojni dneviCentre for European Perspective (CEP), together with other Slovenian organizations, engaged in international development aid issues, will present its activities at this year’s European Development Days. This year’s topic will be citizenship and development with a particular emphasis on democracy, climate change and financial crisis. European Development Days will take place between 22 and 24 October in Stockholm. The organizers are European Commission and Swedish EU Presidency.

CEP is successfully active in the field of development aid and with the implementation of its projects contributes to the development and stability, especially in the region of Western Balkans. With its recent transitional experiences and well established local and international partnerships, Slovenia contributes considerably to the effective implementation of development assistance.

This year’s event of European Development Days is already fourth in a row. In the past years the Development Days took place in Brussels (year 2006), Lisbon (year 2007) and Strasbourg (year 2008). European Development Days take the form of an open forum, which gathers members of donor and recipient countries, members of different organizations, which are engaged in the development aid issue, as well as representatives of academia and civil society.

This year’s programme includes plenary sessions and roundtables with politicians, researchers and representatives of civil society and media. For this occasion a special event, called »Development Village« will be organized, where the countries, institutions and organizations, dealing with development aid, will present their activities.

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