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-          Analysis and use of didactic-andragogical methods for know-how transfer

CEP, in cooperation with experts and upon request of the beneficiary countries, conducts a detailed analysis of trainees' needs before the training implementation. Based on this analysis, the specific learning objectives are set and format of the training chosen. Teaching method used, corresponds with the transfer of competencies, knowledge or skills. Trainings are mainly carried out by experts working in the Slovenian public administration, who normally do not have experiences in providing trainings. For that reason, CEP usually works closely with these experts with an aim to show them how to be successful trainers. Main characteristic of the CEP trainings is the active participation of trainees. The most common training methods are practical workshops, role plays, case studies and simulations.


-          Practical trainings

Trainings conducted by CEP, connect theory and practice with the actual work carried out by the trainees. Acquired competences (knowledge and skills) can be applied in their everyday work.


-          Multidisciplinary approach - the inclusion of different sources of knowledge and experience

The content and topics of CEP trainings are always examined from different point of view. The main objectives of the trainings can be achieved only if the topics are considered from different theoretical and practical aspects. Trainers, usually experts from various Slovenian Ministries and their bodies, transfer good practice and experience comprehensively and directly to trainees.


-          Project management and systematic problem-solving experience

In the past three years, CEP has successfully implemented more than 80 projects. Each new project CEP team prepares projects based on the experience and lessons learnt from the previous project. For each project, CEP conducts a comprehensive analytical research, which allows a systematic approach in preparing trainings and adaptation to trainees’ needs.


-          Targeted monitoring of fields of activities

CEP carries out trainings in two main areas: strengthening the security and economic development. In these areas, targeted monitoring is conducted in the countries of Western Balkans as well as on the EU level. In Slovenia, also, special attention is given to both of these areas. Targeted monitoring enables continues information flow and adaptation to the beneficiary countries’ needs.


-          Network of domestic and foreign experts

Since its launch, CEP has had the honour of cooperating with more than 250 renowned experts. The majority of them were domestic experts, who are able to best provide first-hand transfer of Slovenian good practice and experience. Permanent cooperation and close involvement, enables CEP to work with verified and qualified professionals and experts, which ensures the quality and effectiveness of trainings.


-          Project implementation as a central activity

CEP’s exclusive activity is implementation of projects in the form of trainings, workshops and seminars. Based on its rich experience, CEP has developed a high quality organizational model that brings a number of advantages (e.g. fast response, flexibility and efficiency of the trainings) in comparison to similar institutions. Permanent operational cooperation between CEP and beneficiary countries has developed into close-knit relationships that contribute to even more successful project implementation.

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