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MakedonijaCentre for European Perspective in cooperation with the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia is organizing second module of the project "The EU Negotiations: Techniques, Skills and Content". The module entitled "Negotiating with the European union" will take place from 25 – 28 May 2010 in Skopje, Macedonia and will focus on the field of VAT and excise duties.

With the cooperation of Slovenian independent experts on the negotiations and public performance techniques Boštjan Romih and Mojca Žirovnik Bocelli , as well as expert from the selected topic on value added tax (VAT) and excise duties Milojka Kolar, the module will aim to improve the negotiation techniques of the Macedonian senior public servants that will play a decisive role in the Macedonia – EU negotiations.

To achieve the foreseen results training will consist of introductory lectures, containing the examples and experiences of Slovenian experts, interactive discussions, role plays and simulations. However, all the efforts of the lecturers will be directed towards the best possible reasoning that specific knowledge and skills are needed for good negotiators and consequently for achieved goals set before the negotiations. Participants should be aware of that their approach, reasoning and performance will have a decisive impact on the course of negotiations between the Macedonia and the European Union.

Seminar aims to bring together all relevant Macedonian senior civil servants that will represent Macedonia's stands in the communication with the EU in the field of VAT and excise duties.

Contact person: Luka Živič, project manager

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