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RA_srecanje_napotitve2Core course, an intensive 14-day training, which will be held from 8 – 21 November 2010, is now open for EU citizens. Closing date for applications is 20 September. The trainees will gain all the required core knowledge and skills for the secondment to the EU civilian crisis management missions according to the standard curricula outline as stated in the Council document 16849/2006.

The first part of the training will take place at the Centre for European Perspective (CEP) headquarters (Jable Castle, Grajska cesta 1, 1234 Loka pri Menšgu) and will be conducted by reputable and experienced domestic and foreign trainers with rich experience from secondment. in civilian crisis management missions. The participants will acquire given content and achieve the training objectives through practical methods of work - workshops, role playing, simulations, case studies. During the second part of the course (6 days, 24 hours a day) the participants will be accommodated in the joint training facility in Gotenica, where the skills will be further acquired in the mission-simulated environment. The entire training will be conducted in English.


Why to apply?

A comprehensive and EU standardized training will provide you with knowledge in the fields of crisis prevention and management, roles of other actors on the ground (e.g. UN, OSCE, COE, NGOs etc.), mission working environment, field work techniques (project management, monitoring, reporting etc.), hazards on the ground, personal health, stress management and more. The Core course is aimed to train the participants for concrete and professional work in the mission through the context of the mandates and rules of the EU civilian crisis management.

The flagship of our training is a special focus on the issues of intercultural dialogue, cultural awareness and ethnography of the Western Balkans. Slovenia has good understanding and numerous bonds to the region due to common history, lingual and cultural proximity. The EU, on the other hand, has a strong presence in the Balkans, including the largest civilian mission ever launched under the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) is the European Union Rule of Law Mission EULEX Kosovo.


Target groups:

Experts of various professions with no or some mission experience. Applicants from all fields of expertise needed in the crisis management missions are invited, such as police, customs, border control, civilian administration, rule of law, gender issues, human rights, human resources, etc.


Course fee:

Slovene civil servants: tuition, meals, accommodation and travel within Slovenia are free of charge. No per diem is provided by CEP.
Non-Slovene participants: the course fee of 980 € will cover costs of meals, accommodation and travel arrangements during the course. Travel to and from the course venue is paid by the participant. No per diem is provided by CEP.


Important information:

Successful completion of the training and obtaining of the certificate does not automatically provide for a secondment to a civilian crisis management mission.

The total number of participants is limited. Upon closing the call for applications, CEP reserves the right to choose the candidates who best fit the below listed criteria:

  • Diversification of professions and equal gender representation.
  • Structure of the missions' and international organizations' needs.
  • Professional experience, level of English language and diversification of knowledge and skills.



icon Application Form for Non-Slovene Participants

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Mr Luka Živić, Project Manager (+386 1 560-86-13, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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