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Makedonija2_zunajThe Centre for European Perspective in cooperation with the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia is organizing the 3rd module of the project "The EU Negotiations: Techniques, Skills and Content". The module is a continuation of the earlier training delivered in May 2010 and will take place from 11 – 16 October 2010 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Good results achieved in May 2010 and intercepted added value to the capacity-building of Macedonia and its progress in the accession to the EU resulted in a decision of co-financing the training through the EU IPA Programme for the Approximation of Rules to the EU.

The 3rd module aims at further improvement in the negotiation techniques and in effective presentation of Macedonian stands in the chapter of taxation. Effective presentation of its stands towards the EU is core learning objective for Macedonian civil servants in this training. The training will be conducted in the form of interactive discussions, role plays and simulation of the EU negotiation process, guided by Slovene experience of the former head of Slovenian negotiation team for taxation area. The training will put a special emphasis on the two processes in the EU negotiations - multilateral and bilateral screening.

Since the approach, reasoning and performance of Macedonian officials will have a decisive impact on the course of negotiations between Macedonia and the European Union, this is an important training for them in order to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for effective and successful completion of the EU negotiation process.

Contact person: Luka Živič, Project Manager

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