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logo-cep_announcementCentre for European Perspective continues with cooperation with Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia and Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia in the project titled »Creating an Ethical Work Environment«. This is the second training for the Police of the Republic of Serbia, however, this time it is intended for the key commanding personnel from the Serbian Criminal Police. Training will be held in Vrnjačka Banja in Serbia, from 24th to 29th October 2010.

The objective of the training is to transfer Slovene good practices in the field of ethical work environment, which would enable effective fight against corruption in the long run. Experts from Slovenian Criminal Police and experts from Slovenian Police Academy will present to the participants Slovene experiences, working methods and possibilities for improvement of current practices. Participants and trainers will look for ways to stimulate ethic work of policemen as well as rewarding of such work. Moreover, they will try to identify key managerial skills, by which the key commanding policemen can use for guiding the work of their subordinates. Practical examples from Slovene experts will be combined with Ms Tatjana Dragović, one of the most respected trainers in the field of management and motivating in Slovenia.

Training will attend 22 key commanding policemen from the Serbian Criminal Police.

In 2010 CEP is planning to prepare similar trainings, which will be adapted to the situation in traffic and general police of the Republic of Serbia. Training is part of the official development cooperation between Serbia and Slovenia.

Contact person: Vanja Blaznik, Project Manager


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