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On Saturday, 4 December 2010 at 17:00, the book 'Foreign Policy: the Basics of Theory and Practice', series »Studia diplomatica Slovenica, 2010«, written by Dr. Ernest Petrič, will be presented under aegis of Slovenian Book fair in the Lili Novy hall, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana.


A conversation with the author of the book, the chief editor of the book series "Studia Diplomatica Slovenica", experienced diplomat and a president of Constitutional Court Dr. Petrič, and Director – General of the Directorate for International Law and Protection of Citizens of Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Dr. Andraž Zidar will be conducted by Editor in chief of ZRC publishing Dr. Vojislav Likar.

The present monograph provides the small scientific community engaged in interdisciplinary studies of foreign policy in Slovenia with an analysis of this domain, including precise concepts and a clear-cut focus on practical examples; meanwhile, the international professional public will find the illustrative examples from Slovenia's foreign policy informative. And finally, despite its scientific nature, the monograph will serve students, particularly those studying diplomacy, international relations, international law, and international economics or business operations, since the author's style is clear and picturesque, while material is systematically and clearly structured and supported by practical examples. This is understandable, as the author of the book is (inter alia) a long-standing university professor who is able to cogently connect theory with empirical knowledge or practice, while preserving his sharp and critical attitude toward both the discipline of examining foreign policy and the foreign policy practice of the Republic of Slovenia, in which he has been successfully engaged for years.

(From the Outline of the Monograph by Associate Professor Milan Brglez, PhD)

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