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20411673634 4c5c69718b zThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Centre for European Perspective, is organising the eleventh Bled Strategic Forum (BSF), to be held on 5 and 6 September. The Forum’s topic this year is Safeguarding the Future as for growing instability in the world. Young and Business BSF will also take part in the Forum this year.

Leader’s panel will address security challenges that will be later on discussed on the Night Owl Session, centered around preventive action, whereby participants will address the reasons for the increasing radicalization of young people and reflect on opportunities for education, employment and inclusion, in an innovative and collaborative format.

Other panels at the BSF, will host debates on integration/disintegration of the European Union, water risks in the world, energy instability, security in relation to human rights, adapting security in Europe to new kinds of threats as well as the Western Balkans and whether the EU remains a driving force in the region.

The business BSF will meanwhile concentrate on discovering innovative opportunities and the young BSF will discuss their mobility and political participation, cooperation among generations in smart cities.

A list of participants of the 2016 Bled Strategic Forum is available at: http://www.bledstrategicforum.org/list-of-participants/.

More information is available at:
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