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29368359151 d5dcc7d70f oThe Young BSF, an integral part of the Bled Strategic Forum, traditionally held in the days preceding the Forum, has become a unique meeting place for a diverse array of young leaders, entrepreneurs, bloggers, thinkers and socially active individuals, offering them a platform to share their visions, exchange ideas and network with one another throughout the year. The Young BSF is organised jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Centre for European Perspective.

Each year Young BSF gathers young people, who engage in vibrant dialogues on current most pressing issues, address inventive approaches in promoting positive change and finding solutions to the many complex challenges.

The Young BSF model is growing and changing annually. The topics have varied and ideas evolved, but the main objective remained clear: to bring together bold, brave and action-oriented individuals from different walks of life, both foreigners and Slovenians, and offers them a collaborative, creative, and inspiring environment for discussion and networking.

This year’s Young BSF will be held on 2 – 4 September 2017 under the title “The (Dis)connected Reality” addressing the three E-s of today globalized world – electronics, environment and economy. The three main topics will be further examined through the main panels: Electronics: the future of people in the land of robots?, Environment: No flow, no go?, and The Virtual Reality of Economy and the Real Sector.

The Young BSF departs from the simple, yet exciting perspective: “We live in interesting and turbulent times. A prominent Slovenian novelist Bartol would say that nothing is real and everything is allowed. The realities of our physical world seem to be completely disconnected with the reality that we are trying to live, the virtual reality where all our wishes seem to be possible.”

The 2017 Young BSF will give visionary young leaders an opportunity to form real, connected or virtual partnerships and networks. This goal-oriented forum will seek to prompt discussions and create synergies of different ideas, turning them into connected or disconnected realities of and for everyone. Read more about Young BSF here.

Photo: Young BSF 2016.

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